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About Mr. Via

George Via has been a criminal
defense attorney since 1990
and has worked with 1000s
of clients over the years. In
court he is thorough. Out of
court he is affordable,
responsive to his clients, and
available when you need him.

Call today for your personal
attorney. 321-439-5838

Legal Experience:
10 years Orange County Public Defender
5 years Dade County Public Defender
5 years Private Practice

60 trials

Ten years with any Public Defender's office tends to sharpen your legal skills and negotiation talents. George has over 20 years experience in criminal trials and handling heavy caseloads with a personal touch for each client.

Florida Bar Journal
March 2008

Dealing in Stolen Property, Grand Theft, and Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
(click to read article)

Cited in: Kiss v. State, Anderson v. State

Notable Appellate Decision:
Jackson v. State
George appeared as trial counsel and argued a motion to dismiss the probation violation affidavit, arguing that the affidavit was not sworn to. The affidavit form had been in use for many years.
The appellate court reversed saying the probation warrant should not have been signed. As a result, hundreds of VOPs were dismissed until the forms were finally changed.

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